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No Place Like Home
Take a lesson in St. Bernard, from A to Z
Thursday, May 28, 2009
By Kim Gritter

With the 2008-09 school year coming to a close this week for students throughout St. Bernard Parish, I felt it was a perfect time to give them, and everyone else for that matter, a lesson on the ABCs.

I'm not talking about the standardized set of 26 vowels and consonants we use in the English language, but rather the ABCs as they pertain to the place we call home -- our beloved St. Bernard Parish.

Here's our list of ABCs the way I see it, and perhaps the way some of you remember.

A Arabi, Alluvial City, Art in April, Amor, All About Me, Andrew Jackson, Arabi Food Store, Angelique Estates, Arabi Park, ain't dere no more, Arabi Taxi, Arabi Elementary, Adullam Christian Fellowship Church, Arabi Diner, Antigue Auto Club of St. Bernard.

B Braithwaite, Bayou Bienvenue, Betsy, Bayou Road, B&J Seafood, Ben's Pizza, Blackie Campo's Boat Launch, Brewster's, Borgnemouth, Benny Grunch and the Bunch, Battle of New Orleans, Blessing of the Fleet, Breton Sound Marina, Bernardo de Galvez, Buccaneer Villa, Bucket Brigade, Bayou la Loutre, Balli Gallery.

C Chalmette, Celebrate St. Bernard, Crawfish Festival, Chalmette Battlefield, Carolyn Park, Contreras, Caernarvon, Community Park, C&C Drugs, Carolyn Court, Canary Islanders, C.F. Rowley, Colonial Boulevard, Creedmore Plantation, Christmas Tour of Homes, Craig Taffaro Jr., Cavaroc House, Corinne Missionary Baptist Church, Community Center of St. Bernard, Community Grill.

D Delacroix Island, Domino Sugar, Dr. Meraux Boulevard, Doris Voitier, De la Ronde Ruins, DeBouchel Boulevard, Ducros Museum, Dockville Oaks, Down the road, the drive-in, Dr. Bryan Bertucci.

E East Judge Perez Drive, Elaine P. Nunez Community College, Easy Street, Esteban Street, excellent education, the end of the world, Exxon Mobil, Eickes Canal, everybody knows you.

F Friscoville Avenue, Florissant, 40-Arpent Canal, Fazendeville, Farmsight Road, Fiesta de la Concepcion, fishing, First Baptist Church of Chalmette, Fazzio Lanes, FEMA trailers, Frederick J. Sigur Civic Center.

G Genie Street, Gladiators, Guerra Drive, Gulf Outlet Marina, Gator Festival, Golden Drive, Goodchildren, Good Friday levee walks, Guerenger Canal, the Green bridge, Gauthier.

H Hopedale, Hannan, Hook & Line, Hermitage Street, hunting, Houseworks, History Lecture Series at Nunez, hogshead cheese from Treitler's, Hamilton's.

I Irish, Italian, Islenos Community Parade, Ivy Place, Italian Festival.

J Jean Lafitte Parkway, Junior Rodriguez, Jumonville Plantation, Jimmy's Kids, Joseph Davies, Jackson Barracks, Joseph Meraux, Jack Stephens, Judge Melvin Perez, Jai-Alai Fronton, Jeanfreau's.

K Katrina, Kenilworth Plantation, Knights of Nemesis, Karen Drive, Kiwanis Club of St. Bernard-Arabi, Krewe of Arabi, Knights of Columbus Rummel Council, Kaiser Aluminum, Krewe of Lourdes, K&B.

L Los Islenos, LeBeau Plantation, Lake Borgne, Lexington Place, Lynn Oaks School, Lynn Dean, Lenten fish fries, Louisiana Highways 39, 46 and 47, Lacoste Elementary, Luther's.

M Meraux, Malus-Beauregard House, Mumfrey's Pharmacy, Meraux Food Store, Murphy Oil Refinery, Meraux Elementary, Maumus Center, Magnolia Plantation, Meraux Foundation, Millaudon Middle, Myrtle Grove, MRGO-go-gone.

N New Orleans' most historic neighbor, N.P. Trist Middle School, Norman's Gym, the neutral ground, no place like home.

O Old Arabi, Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Owls, Oak Ridge Park, Our Lady of Lourdes, Old Hickory Avenue, Oyster Festival, Owl Fun Camp, Olive Branch Emporium.

P Paris Road, Parc Chenier, Poydras, Patricia Street, Palmisano Boulevard, Phoenix High School, Pakenham Oaks, P.G.T. Beauregard, Pecan Grove Plantation, Proctor's Landing, Packenham Avenue, Pakenham Drive, the Planetarium, Penny Lanes, Prince of Peace, Pearl Harbor Park, Paul Noel Gym, Paradise Casino, Ponstein's.

Q Queens Court.

R Rowley Boulevard, Reggio, Rocky and Carlo's, Randazzo's king cakes, Riverbend Bistro, Red Fish Cup, Rotary Club of St. Bernard, Rebel Park.

S Sebastopol Plantation, Shell Beach, San Bernardo Scenic Byway, St. Louise, Story Park, Sylvia Estates, St. Robert, South Lake Estates, Santa on the Bayou, SBURT, St. Claude Heights, Shrimp Festival, Stockyard Landing, St. Mark, Sebastien Roy, Sugar Festival, Shangri-La, SDT, St. Bernard Project, St. Bernard Port, St. Bernard Catholic Church and Cemetery, St. Bernard State Park.

T Toca, Today's Ketch, Torres Park, Tommy Stone, Tenneco Refinery, Tony's Restaurant, Tomato Festival, Torres Drive, Trick or Trunk, Terrific Kids, Terre aux Boeufs, Tag's Meat Market.

U Urquhart Street, Unified Recovery Group, up the road.

V Violet, Verret, Val Reiss, Veronica Drive, Vista, Village Square, Violet Canal, Violet Consolidated High School, Violet Dock, Versailles, VFW Posts 7194 and 10666.

W where y'at, West Judge Perez Drive, William de Marigny Hyland, white shrimp boots, Wood Lake, Wayne Warner, W. Smith Elementary, Walter Leger, Walker's Lane, Wimpy's Tavern, Woolco, Walter Boasso.

X the X's still left on houses since Katrina.

Y Ycloskey, ya momma n nem.

Z 'Z' best place in 'Z' world.
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